4 Awesome Upper Body Moves

While Winter is still here let’s get you ready to chase your passions! Below are some basic yet fun upper body exercises you can do at home or when traveling? Heck why just do it when you’re at home? Take a weight with you on the road and keep your energy up and stay fit. You can do these exercises with just your body weight or with one or two weights! Have fun and let us know what you think about the workouts! Share them and tag us on social media with @OTDrill and @Jonesinfor . This post was originally posted at Jonesin’ for 

Push-up Crunches – Start in a plank position ensuring your arms are in line with your chest. Do a push up. Then bring your right knee up to your forehead (or as close as you can get), put it back, and then bring your left knee up. Put it back and repeat the sequence.

Bridge Pullovers – Laying on your back bring your feet closer to your body. Lift your hips up. Hold the weight over your chest. Keeping your arms straight, lower the weight over your head until it touches the ground. Then bring it back up over your chest, concentrating on using your lats.


Bicep Curls – With your palms facing upward hold the weight in your hands. Curl it upward concentrating on pinching your biceps.

Tricep Dip – Place your hands on top of the weight with your fingertips facing your body. Keep your feet out in front of you bend your elbows until your butt touches the ground. Then flex your triceps and bring yourself back up.


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