How to get the most of O.T. Drill

We all probably know someone who has followed a workout routine and had little results. Don’t have that experience. Follow our suggestions and get the most out of the O.T. Drill workouts.

1) Find the right weight.

Selecting the correct weight is crucial to getting the most out of the workout. Too heavy and you are prone to injure yourself. Too light and you won’t be getting the full benefits. The goal is to select the weight that makes the last 2-3 reps feeling heavy. It will take some trial and error at first but when you find it write it down.

2) Track it and comment.

This one is based off of the above suggestion. Because it does take some trial and error to find the correct weight the first time be sure to write down the weight you used. This will help you select the correct weight right away the next time you do the exercise. Plus you will be able to see your progression as you get stronger. Along with writing down the weight, write down comments about the exercises. Things you struggled with, succeeded with, needing to lower or up the weights, etc. will all help you the next time you bust out the move.

3) Concentrate on the muscle(s) being used.

Let’s say you are doing bicep curls. When you bring the weight up and you flex your bicep, really concentrate on the bicep and flex it hard, almost like you are pinching it. This same tip applies to any other workout move, ie squats – buttocks, chest presses – pecs, etc. 

4)Commit to Success

If you want to see real changes you need to commit to success. Motivation is great but what really makes the changes is staying dedicated and committed to reaching your goals. Whether it’s the O.T. Drill, a diet, or anything in your life. Commit to completing it to your absolute best. Don’t take the easy road. Don’t only give partial effort. If you want to taste success, commit.

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