No Sandbag, No Problem!

Are you looking to crush our workouts but don’t have a sandbag? No worries! While we strongly suggest a Brute Force Sandbag there are a variety of options that will work with our workouts. Find the one that works for you and go crush it! Here are a list of options we suggest:

-A Single Dumbbell (Preferably one you don’t mind dropping)

-Medicine Ball

-A Log (Watch out for splinters)

-Unopened bag of Dog Food/Cat Food (although it might rip and spill, which would be sad)

-A Rock (Seriously)

-Unopened bag of Wood Pellets (look at dog/cat food for warning)

-A Backpack with added weights from any of the options above

This is just a quick list of options that can work with our workout.  But let’s be honest, there are a number of items that can work. Be smart and pick an item that won’t slip, break, or injure you. Be smart about the weight you select for each move. Being overly ambitious can lead to injury. So while you want to push yourself you do not want to get injured. If upping the weight is too much then concentrate on flexing the muscle(s) needed for that move. And don’t use another person as a weight. Just don’t. Even if they give you permission. Just say no. What are some items you have used instead of dumbbells? Let us know in the comments!

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