Surf N Turf Skewers

This recipe is from our sister site, Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring food! This delicious steak and shrimp recipe will have your entire family Jonesin’ for more. Perfect for a summer day when you can relax and grill out. I dare you to try them and be sure to take a picture and share it with me!

Here’s what you need:

Lean Steak

Jumbo Shrimp



Green Pepper

Soy Sauce

Olive Oil


Garlic Powder



Slice the steak into thin strips. Marinate the Steak with some Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Curry, and Garlic Powder. Then marinate the Shrimp with Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Curry, and Ginger. Don’t go crazy with the amount of each seasoning, just use enough to cover it all. (around a tsp each). Place the steak and shrimp in the refrigerator for at least a half hour to marinate.

Heat the grill on medium high heat. Cut the Zucchini, Squash, and Green Pepper into 2 inch size pieces. After the meat is marinated, skewer the meat and vegetables. Place skewers on the grill. Let them cook for a few minutes then flip over. When the shrimp is fully cooked and the meat is done to your liking take off and enjoy