Where can I do the O.T. Drill workouts?

Thinking about getting the O.T. Drill workouts or maybe you already have them but are debating about where to demolish the workouts? We have a couple suggestions to help guide you. The beauty of this workout is that you can do it almost anywhere! All you need is a place without clearance above your head and a floor that can hand weight being dropped on it. Ideally you would crush these workouts outside. You have the sky as your ceiling and the mother earth as your floor. You can jump high, drop the sandbag, and do everything without any major concerns. These workouts were created with the outdoors in mind.

If you can’t be outside then we highly recommend a place that gives you an extra foot or two of head space and a concrete floor. Other flooring is possible as well but you want to make sure it can stand the dropping of the sandbag or other weights. O.T. Drill is not liable for any damage caused by falling sandbags, dumbbells, weights, etc. Be smart and don’t damage the place you are working out at or yourself.

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